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TitleThe Interaction between waters from the Arctic Ocean and the Nordic Seas north of Fram Strait and along the East Greenland Current: results from the Arctic Ocean-02 Oden expedition. 
First AuthorRudels, Bert
Organization: Finnish Institute of Marine Research
Country: Finland
Co-AuthorBjörk, Göran
Nilsson, Johan
Winsor, Peter
Lake, Irene
Session1- The State of the Arctic Climate System 
AbstractIn spring 2002 the Swedish icebreaker Oden made an extensive oceanographic survey of the East Greenland Current from north of Fram Strait to south of Denmark Strait. The work was a part of the Arctic Ocean 2002 programme to study the Nordic Seas, where RV Knorr of Woods Hole operated in the ice free parts of the Greenland, Iceland and Norwegian Seas, while IB Oden worked in the ice covered areas in and north of Fram Strait and in the western margins of the Greenland and Iceland Seas. The Oden survey concentrated on the water mass formation processes in ice covered water and the interactions between the water of the Arctic Ocean and the Nordic Seas. This work presents the CTD observations made on Oden. It describes; the formation of dense shelf water in Storfjorden, the cooling of the Atlantic Water entering the Arctic Ocean, the formation of the embryo of the halocline water by melting on sea ice on top of the Atlantic Water, the interactions between waters of the Arctic Ocean and of the Nordic Seas in Fram Strait, the East Greenland Current water masses from north of Fram Strait to south of Denmark Strait, the contribution of the East Greenland Current to the Denmark Strait overflow, and the evolution of the Denmark Strait Overflow Water as the overflow plume sinks down the slope into the deep of the Irminger Sea. 
TypePoster 19
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